CoasterCast: Kings Island – Pilot (2010)

I was cleaning my laptop by downsizing files that I don’t need.  I came across one of my final projects that I did during my college days back in 2010.

I was taking a media production class and the final project was to come up with media project or some kind of video production.  My final project was doing a Vodcast series called CoasterCast where I would go from park to park and share some history of the park as well showcase their trademark coasters and attractions.  It was a fun project with a lot of work in two weeks window.

There was a lot of fun and challenge.  In the given window, I wasn’t able to line up the audio support as my other fellow classmate had their own project to work on and I didn’t want to be a burden. I know my voice is not that great since I mumble a lot and a lot of time, I don’t know it. I had an idea of using “Alex” which is Mac male voice reader to narrate my video.  While there was some challenge, at the end, it works out well for the project. 

Check it out the project.  It’s only offer in 480p format since that’s what I got.

Here’s a fun tidbits since this video was made: Firehawk and Vortex roller coaster are no longer at the park.  In the last 12 years, there has been quite a change for sure!  I’m ready to go back to Kings Island someday soon!

If you were wondering, I passed the final with a flying color.  Since then, I have gained a lot more skills and experience in video production.

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