We got a house!

My wife and I just bought a house. Another adulting life goal accomplished.  My wife and I have been wanting to buy a house since we moved to Florida 4 years ago.  We have lived with my wife’s parent for a year and lived at two different apartment complex in the last 3 years.  We have been looking on and off but recently have been looking hard and setting appointment with our realtor.  It has been crazy roller coaster ride for sure.

One weekend, we were looking 3 homes and then my realtor found the 4th home on the route as we were looking at homes.  With the whole COVID-19 craziness, some sellers won’t allow kids to view the home if it’s occupied.  If it was vacant, the kids were able to come in to check out the house.  My wife went in first with the realtor and didn’t make any comment and want me to check it out.  We both fell in love with it and decided to make an offer that very night.  The seller counteroffer and we took it because it’s perfect home that’s big enough for our family of 4 and small enough for just 2 of us when the kids are on their own many years down the road.

It’s a 3 bedrooms home with 2 full baths, nice size backyard, open space concept, office / den, garage, big lanai, and it’s recently updated too.  The home itself already checked off many of our wish list.

Here are some pictures of our new home in Clermont, Florida.



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