Currently, I work part time at Universal Orlando Resort in the merchandise operation.  Wizardly World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley is my assigned location.  It has been a great working experience and meeting many great people at the park both associates and park guests.  During the past couple years, the management team have asked me to do them a few graphic works since they know my talents and my passion in graphic design field.  Here are a few "magical" work I have done so far.

Back of the House

Collections of graphic projects done for back of the house operation in Diagon Alley by request.

Meeting Notice

Diagon Alley Stock Manager want to add a theme to the backroom to keep it Wizardly World vibe.  This was a great opportunity to get a little creative and make a new poster that hasn't been seen in the Wizardly World yet.  While this was in Diagon Alley, the Ironbelly Dragon played an importance role in Diagon Alley as this was the place where Wizards and Witches come together to get supplies for their magical journey to Hogwarts or another places.   With that being said, it was a great fitting for this purpose.

Stocker of the Month

Every month, stockers vote the next Stocker of the Month.  It's an opportunity to recognized all the hard work.

Management want to go something above than just a typical certification.  I was asked to create a certification.  Within the certification, there's a lot of reference from the Wizardly World of Harry Potter.  It was a success as it has been used over and over again.

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